Stylmark now offers AXIA鈩 Flexible Surface System.  AXIA is an architectural extrusion system created
to enhance surfaces for commercial, hospitality and retail environments.

Just as our name signifies, Stylmark has endured and set a standard that many strive to match for 65 years. 

A work of art, architectural feats that make a visible impression and a lasting imprint on those who experience us. Our craftsmanship of the standards and our artistry in the custom continue to differentiate us from the pack.

Perhaps it is the hearty Midwest grit. We are as sturdy and unyielding as the anodized aluminum we create. We have been the brand marketplace through many iterations and stand solid in our commitment to your environment. 

Retail, hospitality, and commercial, our designs are just as relevant today as in the past. 

Our partnership with the world鈥檚 most admired brands remains a testament to our essence. 


Founded in 1954, Stylmark has evolved from a garage-run business to an employee-owned organization of more than 150 based in Minneapolis. Stylmark was established as Designware Industries, when founder Ray Brink began incorporating his custom version of wheel-based rolling door mechanisms into a variety of fabricated aluminum extrusions, eventually expanding the product line to include tub and shower enclosures, bathroom cabinets, and wardrobe doors.

Since then, Stylmark has become a leading designer and manufacturer of finished fixtures and full solutions 鈥 from aluminum and steel products, to LED lighting and displays, showcases, fitting room systems, cosmetic mirrors, shelving, kiosks, fitting room mirrors, architectural moldings, and more. Stylmark鈥檚 extensive inventory of products and solutions are designed to work together, creating comprehensive and distinctive lifestyle environments. 

Stylmark鈥檚 manufacturing capabilities allow for metal fabrication, anodizing, and assembly all under one roof. In addition to a broad range of aluminum extrusions for which we are well known, we also work with various other materials, such as stainless and mild steel. Our automated equipment, including robotic welding and high-speed machining centers, is equally effective on small and large quantity orders.

Stylmark sets the standard in LED product offerings. Stylmark was one of the first companies to integrate LED lighting into our established line of showcase and shelving products. Most recently Stylmark added the Optima LED Light Box series to their product line that offers backlit, edge-lit and tension fabric options.

Stylmark is proud to say that all of our aluminum extrusions come from United States extruders. Stylmark is a Type II anodizing facility. Type II anodizing is defined as conventional coatings produced from sulfuric acid baths. If we don鈥檛 already have a formula to match your desired color, we can create one. Simply provide us with a swatch of the color you鈥檙e looking for, and our Research and Development team will go to work!